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The Pass Plus Scheme involves 6 hours of training after the practical driving test is passed, which includes motorway and night driving and will also give the newly qualified driver lots of driving experience in different conditions and roads.


This driving course can be taken with any registered driving instructor within one year of passing your driving test. The newly qualified driver once successful will be entitled to a discount of between 20% and 45% off their car insurance with many insurance companies. Young drivers under the age of 21 will benefit a lot in saving money on insurance when taking the Pass Plus Scheme but more importantly become a much more experienced and safer driver.


Pass Plus Module 1

Module 1 - Introduction & Town Driving

Module 1 - Introduction and explanation of course (positive driving skills) + town driving. This covers what you will already have covered when you practiced driving in the area around your local driving test centres: Junctions, Bus lanes, Roundabouts, Observations, etc


Pass Plus Module 2

Module 2 - All weather driving experience

Module 2 - All weather driving experience. The theory covers rain, snow, sleet, fog and bright sunshine, braking in different conditions. Practice is available if the opportunity allows.


Pass Plus Module 3

Module 3 - Out of town & rural roads experience

Module 3 - Out of town and rural roads. This covers observation and consideration for things you may meet, keeping a safe distance, bends, hills etc...... Again you may have covered most of this in your practice sessions near your driving test centre.


Pass Plus Module 4

Module 4 - Night Driving

Module 4 - Night driving. This will take place after lighting up time (dusk - dark). It covers importance of headlights, judging speeds and distance, looking for hazards, cyclists, pedestrians, etc....... Pass Plus does cover most things you meet in your daily driving experience.


Pass Plus Module 5

Module 5 - Dual Carriageway Driving


Module 5 - Dual carriageway driving. This is the training you will really need after passing your practical driving test. It covers effective observations (mirrors - blind spots), judgement, planning, 2 second gap for braking safety, overtaking, joining and leaving carriageways, lane discipline.


Pass Plus Module 6

Module 6 - Motorway Driving


Module 6 - Motorway driving. You are going to gain valuable driving experience from this part of the course. This part of the Pass Plus course covers joining and leaving motorways, planning journeys in advance, signs; signals and road markings; lane discipline, motorway fatigue and breakdown procedures.

Driving lessons available across Sussex including:
  • Henfield
  • Woodingdean
  • Falmer
  • Coldean
  • Patcham
  • Southwick
  • and many surrounding areas 
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