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Please click on this link from a government website to see updates on driving lessons, theory and practical tests, any questions please feel free to contact us.


We will be making changes to the way we conduct our lessons to ensure we all keep as safe as possible. As you know COVID-19 has changed most things we do every day and has made us think more about our personal hygiene.


To help tackle this virus, I will be following recommended advice from the Government, Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Driving Instructors Association (DIA) to ensure I do my part in preventing the spread of the virus.

I would like to stress it is very IMPORTANT that any pupil that has been unwell or had COVID-19 symptoms must inform their instructor prior to attending any lesson, you can contact your instructor at any time in regards to this to help keep everyone safe from the virus.



Let’s keep things clean

Below is a basic list of daily tasks I will carry out before and after each lesson along with any PPE that will be used.

  • Vehicle – Clean before and after each lesson - Keys, Doors, Seat belts, Door Handles, Gear Stick, Handbrake, Steering Wheel, Sun Visor, Mirrors, All Switches/Controls.


  • Training aids – Its unlikely a pupil will need to touch any training aids but from books to pens all will be wiped clean.

  • Hand sanitiser – Hand sanitiser will be applied to mine and the pupil’s hands before the lesson starts. Before lockdown I would give the pupil the bottle to apply the sanitiser but after careful consideration we have now decided to not allow anyone to touch the bottle as this wouldn’t be effective and could spread germs, so instead the instructor will apply the sanitiser by squeezing the bottle onto the pupil’s hands.


  • Face masks – Face masks are to protect one another from the virus, each pupil will need to purchase their own mask for their lesson. If a pupil doesn’t have a face mask then the lesson cannot proceed and will be cancelled but still charged at the full lesson rate. I/Instructor will be wearing a face mask once the lesson begins but before entering the vehicle with the pupil, I will also if possible be wearing a face screen but this will depend on what impact it has on communication along with temperature inside the car.

  • Car windows – It is advised to keep the car windows open as much as possible to ensure good airflow, luckily at this time of year outside temperature is often good so hopefully this will mean windows can be open as much as possible. 


  • Disposable hand gloves – I will be keeping a supply of disposable hand gloves in the car for when refuelling or if the pupil needs to sign something etc, we have decided and feel that it wouldn’t be practical or safe to drive in disposable gloves as they do not provide much grip on the controls along with making your hands sweat.

  • Checking your temperature - We will use a handheld temperature monitor to check your temperature before the lesson starts, if you have a temperature of 38C or more this would be considered a high temperature and the lesson maybe cancelled. High temperature is a sign of COVID-19 and it wouldn't be advised to continue the lesson, as the risk of contracting the virus would be extremely high and could spread to others. If you have a high temperature the advice from the NHS is to stay at home and drink plenty of water, it may also be worth contacting the NHS 111 online but if you cannot get help online then alternative is to call NHS 111. 

Driving lessons going forward


Keeping everything clean is one way to help fight this virus but how we conduct the lesson can also help stop the spread.

Below is a brief list of how we plan to conduct our lessons:

  • Meeting your instructor for lesson – When you meet with your instructor avoid getting into the car straight away, your instructor will greet you at a safe distance before applying sanitiser to your hands, we will also be asking each pupil every lesson if they have been/feel unwell or have had any COVID-19 symptoms, it is also worth telling your instructor if you have been near to anyone who has been unwell.


  • Lesson subjects/Feedback/Training aids – When and where possible we plan to talk/explain outside the vehicle if things take a while to explain etc. It’s understandable during the lesson it wouldn’t be practical to keep exiting the vehicle so we will try to manage the lesson the best we can without causing too much disruption.     


  • Payments – We still accept cash/cheques and bank transfer but it would make things safer for payment to be made via bank transfer. Cash/Cheque payments can be made which will be placed in a sealed container to avoid exchanging contact, however due to the virus I am not likely to carry change in the car so you will need to have the correct payment with you.  


  • Booking lessons – Lesson are best booked whilst you’re present with your instructor, however you can also book via text message/Email or telephone. If you wish to book lessons with your instructor whilst on lesson this will be done outside the car either at the start or at the end of the lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: Any signs of a pupil being unwell will result in the lesson being cancelled immediately but still charged at the full rate for the lesson, it could also mean difficulty in getting home for the pupil depending on location as they will need to be picked up perhaps by a family member or someone they live with, as it wouldn’t be advised for your instructor to remain contained within a vehicle with someone who is unwell during this pandemic.

As a business it our duty to help keep things safe please help us by understanding the changes we have made to ensure as a business we can do our part in stopping the virus. Any pupils that are likely to have allergic reaction to any of the PPE used for example gloves/cleaning products please let your instructor know or contact me on: 07860901084.    

I would like to thank all my pupils in advance and I will look forward to catching up with my current pupils or getting to meet my new starters.


Kind regards,

Ready To Go Driving School

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