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Introducing the Red To Green Progress System, this is designed to help pupils understand their progress they make whilst learning to drive with Ready To Go Driving School. Each lesson will be monitored using this system, your instructor will provide you with feedback in regards to your progress and help you understand your strong and weak points, we will then provide action points to help your learning needs.

The Red To Green Progress System explained:



  • RED - Failing to achieve targets set out in the lesson.            


  • AMBER - Support needed but showing signs of understanding and improvement.


  • GREEN - Fully understands with no support and showing independence.



Your instructor will give you a grade using the RTG system at the end of the lesson and will discuss with you a plan of action to help progress.


We have found this system to be very effective as this enables the instructor and pupil to set and aim to achieve targets, along with structure and feedback to each lesson.

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