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During 2020 and 2021 the UK was forced to lockdown more than once due to a pandemic, many business had to close including driving schools and driving test centres. Unfortunately this has now caused a massive backlog for pupils looking to learn to drive and has had a massive impact on pupils searching to book practical driving tests.  


We understand this has caused massive distress for pupils and although it is out of our control to resolve anything quickly regarding the backlog, we do wish to offer advice which may help pupils going forward in trying to find a driving test sooner.


Take a look at the government website first to see if any test dates have become available at:



Try signing up to a service that searches for tests for you, this can be found online or on an app store, I will give examples and links below:


PLEASE NOTE: The list below is just examples of possible services you may find online, we would like to make it clear we are not recommending any services below but only providing information you may find useful. Each service may require you to pay a fee so please ensure you have read any terms and conditions before proceeding with any service you may find.

PLEASE NOTE: When booking any driving tests please allow plenty of time for lessons to ensure you are up to a test standard, it would be strongly advised to speak to your instructor first before booking a test as this will help avoid any disappointment and will also help decrease the backlog for other pupils looking to book tests. 




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