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Are you ready to take the practical driving test?

At Ready To Go Driving School we understand the standard of driving required to pass the practical driving test, our instructors have a high pass rate which reflects this. We will offer our professional opinion based on your current standard of driving, along with providing feedback throughout each lesson to help the pupil to progress towards their goal.


Due to the nature of learning it is not always possible to achieve the standard that is required in the average amount of time it takes, if the pupil is not to a test standard we will advice them to postpone the test to allow more time to prepare. It is our responsibility to ensure the pupil is test ready before attending a driving test, if the pupil is unable to drive to test standard this can jeopardise the safety of the pupil and others involved.


All our instructors reserve the right to refuse to attend the practical test if the pupil is not ready, we will always provide good reason before making this decision. The DVSA released the "Ready To Pass" campaign to help learners decide if they are ready, I have included the link to this campaign here from the government website.  

We have also created a quick check below to see if you are test ready: 

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